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We have taken over the service, spares and parts of Birmingham Granulators LTD

We are happy that we can now announce that GMD have purchased the ongoing business activities of Tamworth based Birmingham Granulators Ltd.

The business name Birmingham Granulators Ltd will be retained by Tim Aaronricks who will now focus on second hand machine sales, special projects and consultancy work. Here at GMD we will focus on what we do best which will be the service and installation work, blade changes, in house blade sharpening and spare parts.

Not to mention, we have been appointed UK Agents for the Cumberland range of new machinery.

Cumberland have been leaders in the industry for safety, quality and reliability. Their granulators and shredders support a wide range of applications, delivering efficient and reliable size reduction solutions for plastics processing, chemical applications and many recycling operations.

If you have any questions about any of the services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team! 

We have had further investment at General Maintenance & Diagnostics LTD! 

We are very proud of the work we carry out in our machine shop based in Bolton Lancashire, and all of our employees work hard on everything they do. As a company, we try and do everything we can to make their jobs easier and that is why we have decided to invest in a third Granulator Blade Sharpening machine. This machine will go along side our two existing machines, which means we know have two 3.1 meter machines and one 2.1 meter machine. Our additional machine is being delivered by the end of February and this will give us the extra capacity and capability to offer a quicker turn around to both our existing and future customers. To read our article on PlastikMedia, click HERE

Did you know our engineers are also part time dentists? 

We’re joking of course! But our engineers have been very busy recently, we had a large Zerma ZSX3000 come into us for a brand new full set of teeth and blades. This is one of the biggest machines in use in our industry which makes this one of the biggest replacement jobs we will ever have to deal with. It’s hard graft but that’s just what we do here at GM Diag! 








We fix your machines in a time scale that suits you! 

Our engineers have been working on dismantling full toggle link and toggle pins from a Engel 750 (as seen in the image below.) Most of the wear was found along one toggle pin which had seized and cracked in several places. Lead time from the machine supplier to repair this was 12 weeks and GMD estimate a full rebuild within 4 weeks at a fraction of the cost. 

Engel 750 machine repair

After the removal of two tie bars, the whole of the toggle system had to be stripped out of this 750 tonne Engel. The seized and worn toggle pins has caused the cross head to twist. One toggle pin was found to be cracked and fully broken. With the strip down taking just 2 days, we estimated 3-4 weeks for the manufacture of all new toggle pins and all links bushed and re-bored. With the machine supplier estimate being 12 weeks our customer decided to hand the whole project over to us.





Improving a customers injection moulding machine’s cooling system.

We were approached by a new customer recently, and our engineers were asked to take a look at the existing cooling systems for their 17 injection moulding machine. Once we’d examined the machine, it was obvious to us that the current system in place needs to be replaced as a matter of urgency. Their current cooling system was plagued with leaks and a massive reduction in flow rate down time was becoming an issue. We put the customer in touch with Swegon Refrigeration who were able to supply them with a suitable cooler. All new 21/2” and 2” steel pipework complete with filtration and by-pass system was installed down 3 rows of  the machine. Once the new cooler arrived that was installed and commissioned.  Luckily for us, we were able to install and fix the issues just in the nick of time, as 24 hours before the existing system sprung even more leaks. And although we managed a temporary repair for the new leaks, the need to get the new system up and running was evident.








Engel clamp rebuild 

We was asked to take a look at an issue with a 600t Engel injection moulding machine. After a couple of attempts to resolve an issue with the clamp by other companies, we were asked to get involved. Our engineers carried out a full strip down of the complete toggle system and that  revealed several broken toggle pins and extensive wear to all links and bushes. The customer had been quoted a 16 week lead time to repair and in excess of £70,000.00

However we were able to have all links repaired back to original condition with all new bushes, non bushed parts were bored and bushed back to original specification. Not only that all new toggle pins were manufactured and the machine was fully rebuilt and all tie bars refitted and strain gauged. Our engineers worked hard and they were able to have it all done and back up and running in 7 weeks. And needless to say at a fraction of the cost originally quoted!