Injection Moulding Technical Support

Injection moulding is a widely used manufacturing process that involves the production of complex plastic components. With over 38 years of experience in the injection moulding industry, we have a vast knowledge to call upon for Injection Moulding Technical Support. With vast experience working on machines starting from 15 tonne going up to 3000 tonne, no machine is too big.

GM Diagnostics can offer advice on tooling design at GA level or advice on potential modifications to existing tooling. Our team of diagnostic engineers are also able to advice on the layout of new facilities or modifications to existing layouts.


The Process and the Purpose

The process itself involves the melting of plastic pellets in a heated barrel, and then injecting the molten plastic into a mould. The plastic is then cooled and solidified, and the finished product is ejected from the mould.

One of the key areas where injection moulding technical support is valuable is in tooling design. A poorly designed tool can result in defects and inconsistencies in the finished product.

This is in addition to increased downtime and maintenance costs. Technical support can help manufacturers optimize their tool designs for maximum efficiency, productivity, and quality.


From a Customer Perspective

Another area where injection moulding technical support is valuable is in production optimization. The injection moulding process involves many variables, including temperature, pressure, and injection speed, among others. Technical support can help manufacturers fine-tune these variables to achieve the best possible results.

This can include optimizing the process for specific materials, as well as implementing new technologies and techniques to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Quality control is another area where injection moulding technical support is critical. Ensuring consistent quality is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and minimizing waste and rework.


Injection Moulding Technical Support North West, UK

Injection moulding technical support is a service that provides assistance to manufacturers who use injection moulding to produce plastic components. Technical support can be provided at any stage of the injection moulding process, from tooling design and material selection to production and quality control.

It is not unusual for one of our team to attend a customer’s site. Our engineers are on hand to be able to assist in any issues with the injection moulding process. We can offer assistance with initial tool trials. Not to mention we are on hand to help all of our customers achieve a better and more efficient environment. 


Contact GM Diagnostics

At GM Diagnostics we can offer support at any stage of the Injection Moulding process. There are very few businesses in the North West, which hold the amount of knowledge we have. So by coming to us directly you can receive both professional advice and technical support.

We have close working relationships with suppliers of your entire ancillary. This includes material feed systems, either central or local, robotics and sprue pickers including all end of arm tooling and industrial cooling. As a result, there won’t be a single delay so we can get straight to work!

For further details contact one of our team on (01204) 937827 or complete the contact form.