Injection Moulding Technical Support

Injection moulding is the manufacturing process in which molten material is injected into a mould. This process is mainly carried out with molten metal, however, molten glass or thermosetting/thermoplastic polymers are other popular materials very commonly used during the injection moulding process.

The molten metal is forced into the mould using a screw type object and left to cool and, in turn, cooling into the shape of said mould.

Injection Moulding Technical Support from GM Diag

Here at GM Diagnostics, our trained engineers specialise in injection moulding technical support. They can be there to offer advice or work with you to create a full-scale mould design. So whether you’re starting from scratch with a design just as a thought in your head or you have a full CAD model, our engineers can offer a support service throughout the whole process.

To get in contact with one of our team, please ring us on 01204 650438 or fill in our contact form here.