Engel clamp rebuild

We was asked to take a look at an issue with a 600t Engel injection moulding machine. After a couple of attempts to resolve an issue with the clamp by other companies, we were asked to get involved. Our engineers carried out a full strip down of the complete toggle system and that  revealed several broken toggle pins and extensive wear to all links and bushes. The customer had been quoted a 16 week lead time to repair and in excess of £70,000.00

However we were able to have all links repaired back to original condition with all new bushes, non bushed parts were bored and bushed back to original specification. Not only that all new toggle pins were manufactured and the machine was fully rebuilt and all tie bars refitted and strain gauged. Our engineers worked hard and they were able to have it all done and back up and running in 7 weeks. And needless to say at a fraction of the cost originally quoted!