Why book our engineers to visit you on site?

Our Bolton engineers spend the majority of their time out on other sites working on a range of different machinery. Over the years we have realised that it makes more sense to send engineers out to jobs than bring the jobs to the engineers. Especially when it comes to machinery that weighs over a tonne! But if you’re still not sure why to consider on site machinery repair here are some of the main advantages that come with it. 

On Site Bolton Engineers 

The one of the advantages that comes with engineers coming to site is the lack of down time. If you’re planning on sending equipment away to be repaired, you need to factor in the time it takes for the equipment to be delivered to repair site. As well as the time it will take to be returned back. All this down time means an inevitable loss in productivity. It could even put you back work load wise which is definitely not what you want.  

Having to send something away means you will need to pay for delivery and return costs. If it’s a large piece of machinery, you’ll need to include the time it takes to dismantle the machine.

The main overall advantage is just the convenience of not having to take your piece of equipment somewhere else. Having a team of engineers come to your site means all the work can be done on your terms. There is little to no down time as our engineers can work around your opening times. If any major repairs are needed then the engineers will be able to do any dismantling whilst on site. They will bring it back to our yard to sort the issues and return to assemble everything into working order. 

Maintenance Bolton

If you are interested or you’d like any more information on the services our Bolton engineers provide here at General Maintenance & Diagnostics, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.