Thermal Image Survey

The thermal image camera is a valuable tool when it comes to predictive and preventative maintenance. It performs the function of visually representing surface temperatures, thus helping carry out a thermal image survey to discover thermal discrepancies. The camera highlights differences in temperatures and can identify problems that include –

  • Areas of high friction and load.
  • Overheating of moving parts.
  • Overheating of electrical components and wiring.

Solving the Issues

Fault Diagnosis will be the biggest advantage to these surveys, so you can ensure your equipment is running effectively. By undergoing many different checks and performance measurements, we will be able to determine if there are any faults. You may even prevent a fault from becoming a major issue through this method.

Many people finalise the Commissioning of New Equipment/Buildings after these checks. The problem sometimes can’t be fixed so the alternative is completely replacing them. This way you are investing in modern equipment with more upsides.

Maintenance will be the key no matter what happens, and we have many different ways of helping maintain your products. The GM Diagnostics team work with a range of different equipment day to day so can offer the most reliable maintenance advice available.

Thermal Image Surveys with GMD

At GMD we use thermal image technology as part of our regular service work. Whether it’s to identify excessive heat in bearings or to routinely scan electrical control panels. Thus, identifying any areas of excessive heat due to loose wiring or failing contacts.

It affords us the ability to react to potential failures in high load contractors. On the whole, this will certainly save you money in the long term rather than the short term. When it comes to machinery the long term costs are so much more important than the short term costs.

As well as this, they are used to control gear before they turn into a breakdown situation. If you require a thermal image survey then don’t hesitate to get in touch with GM Diagnostics.