How to reduce your plastic injection moulding costs

Injection moulding is a very effective way to mass product parts. However, there can be a huge amount of waste that comes with it. This waste can come from user error, down time, machinery errors and damage, and more. Here at GM Diagnostics, we carry out maintenance Bolton on a range of industrial machinery, including injection moulding machines. We’ve put together a few ways in which you can reduce the amount of waste and costs that might come with plastic injection moulding. 

Injection Moulding Technical Support Bolton

  • Automation 

Automating several parts of production can increase efficiency massively. Sections like part picking, stacking and palletising not only improve the overall efficiency, it can help improve the accuracy and speed of each job. Not to mention the extra data that you’ll acquire through the use of technology. This data can then be looked over and used to help improve any future jobs. 

  • Resin 

There is a huge amount of resin available, and towards the cheaper end of the scale is resin that more variations in properties. But you can find it harder to maintain dimensions when it comes to tight tolerance parts. Resin isn’t as hard wearing at other materials, but provide a cheaper alternative for those parts that don’t need to be as tough as others. 

  • Investing in the right people 

Although the majority of the moulding process is automated, it’s important to ensure that you’re investing in the right people. People who will be able to successfully deal with any issues that may come up, or people that are able to look at the data and help to create a plan for the future, for growth etc. 

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Here at GM Diagnostics, we have a team of incredibly experience machinery engineers who work day and and day out on large pieces of industrial machinery. If any of your machines are in need of some TLC, get in touch today.