We fix your machines in a time scale that suits you!

Our engineers have been working on dismantling full toggle link and toggle pins from a Engel 750 (as seen in the image below.) Most of the wear was found along one toggle pin which had seized and cracked in several places. Lead time from the machine supplier to repair this was 12 weeks and GMD estimate a full rebuild within 4 weeks at a fraction of the cost. 

After the removal of two tie bars, the whole of the toggle system had to be stripped out of this 750 tonne Engel. The seized and worn toggle pins has caused the cross head to twist. One toggle pin was found to be cracked and fully broken. With the strip down taking just 2 days, we estimated 3-4 weeks for the manufacture of all new toggle pins and all links bushed and re-bored. With the machine supplier estimate being 12 weeks our customer decided to hand the whole project over to us.