Injection moulding principles that need to be followed

Working at the fore front of the plastics industry we see a lot of the positives and negatives that come with injection moulding process. One of the biggest negatives we have been noticing is that even though it is an extremely industry and these processes are used everywhere, there seems to be a huge drop in the standard of training and personal development. 

Here at GM Diag, we have been carrying out maintenance Bolton and working with the injection moulding machines for years. Over the years, we have learnt what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve put this blog together. We’re going to talk about the practices that we believe should be carried out in order to be as successful, effective and efficient as possible. 

Injection Moulding Principles

The first and maybe most important principle is making sure whoever is carrying out the process is fully trained. 

It’s worth having a meeting before any job starts. That involves including anyone who might be playing a part in the project and going through each and every aspect. Spending some time before starting the project will in turn help you save time and maybe even money in the long run! 

Something that many people overlook is the data. Collect as much data as you possibly can when setting up the process. Use whatever technology you have available to you at the time. You can never have too much data! 

If, at any point through the process, there seems to be any issues popping up then it’s imperative to identify and deal with them as early as possible. 

Once the process has been completely, it would be wise to debrief with all those involved in the project. This is the time to talk over and reflect, work out what was successful and what wasn’t. 

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