Tie Bar Installation & Strain Gauge

When it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting issues, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of various components. This page provides valuable insights into our tie bar installation & strain gauge services. By exploring these topics, our engineers can fix your tie bar & strain gauge issues.

Here at GM Diagnostics, our engineers are highly trained and able to carry out tie bar installations. Tie bars are a critical piece of machinery that form important parts of an injection moulding machine. Injection moulding presses rely on tie bars to apply clamping forces to moulds during plastic injection and cooling cycles.


Tie Bar Installation:

The tie bar plays a vital role in maintaining structural integrity and safety within equipment. It is a metal component that connects the front-end suspension mounts on either side of the equipment’s frame or body. Tie bars are commonly seen aiding in distributing loads and improving handling characteristics.


Proper tie bar installation is crucial for the overall performance and stability of equipment. Here are some key considerations:

GM Diagnostics provides specific instructions regarding tie bar installation for each any structure. Technicians should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow them meticulously to ensure accurate installation.

Before installing a tie bar, thorough inspection and alignment of the suspension components, frame, and body mounts are essential. Any existing damage or misalignment should be addressed before proceeding with the installation. Tightening the tie bar bolts to the specified torque is crucial to maintain structural integrity.

Once the tie bar is installed, it is essential to conduct post-installation checks to ensure proper alignment and fitment. These checks may include verifying the correct position of the tie bar. This confirms that all bolts are torqued to the required specifications, and performing a visual inspection for signs of misalignment.


Strain Gauge Usage:

Strain gauges are invaluable tools for diagnosing mechanical stresses and deformations in mechanical equipment. These devices measure the strain or deformation of a component under load and provide valuable data for analysis. Here’s how strain gauges can be effectively used in by GM Diagnostics:

Proper sensor placement is crucial to obtain accurate strain measurements. Technicians should identify critical areas where strain is likely to occur and carefully attach the strain gauges to those locations. Common areas of interest include suspension components, frame connections, and areas prone to excessive load.


Strain gauges require wiring connections and signal conditioning equipment to accurately measure and interpret the strain data. Technicians should pay attention to proper wiring techniques, minimising interference, and using suitable signal conditioning devices to ensure reliable measurements.


Analysis to follow

Once the strain gauges are properly installed and connected, data acquisition and analysis tools are used to interpret strain data. Technicians should be proficient in using the relevant diagnostic software or equipment provided by GM Diagnostics. This is in order to obtain meaningful insights from the strain measurements.

Strain measurements are often used for comparative analysis, where the obtained data is compared to manufacturer specifications. This analysis helps identify potential issues, such as excessive strain or abnormal deformation. This allows technicians to pinpoint problem areas and propose appropriate solutions.


GM Diagnostics: Tie Bar Installation & Strain Gauge

The proper installation of tie bars and the accurate usage of strain gauges are critical components of GM Diagnostics. In addition to tie bar installation, GM Diagnostics offer full tie bar strain with the use of strain gauges to help eliminate tie bar breakage, mould damage and toggle pin wear. We ensure tie bars are not overloaded from the clamping pressure of the injection moulding. 

So if you are in need of tie bar installation & strain gauge, please get in touch with our team of engineers today and find out how we can help!