On Site Hard Face Welding

On-site hard face welding is a type of welding technique that is used to repair and build up worn parts. More specifically to parts in machinery, equipment, and other components.

It involves the application of a layer of hard metal or alloy onto the surface of a worn part. It serves to increase its hardness, strength, and resistance to wear and tear.

Hard face welding is a popular choice for components in industries such as mining, construction, and recycling, where equipment is exposed to harsh environments and high levels of wear and tear.


An Introduction to On Site Hard Face Welding

One of the main advantages of on-site hard face welding is that it can be carried out quickly and easily. This is without the need for the machinery or equipment to be transported to a workshop or factory for repair. Not to mention you can save both time and money, as it eliminates the need for downtime and reduces transportation costs.

Additionally, on-site hard face welding allows for repairs to be made quickly and efficiently. So this looks to minimize the impact on production schedules and ensuring that the equipment is functioning ASAP.

Another advantage of on-site hard face welding is that it can be customized to meet the specifications of each customer. Different types of hard metals and alloys can be used to provide different levels of hardness and strength. This flexibility allows for repairs to be made to a wide range of components and equipment, including grinding and crushing equipment, conveyors, and chutes.


Specifically with GM Diagnostics

Whether it’s a rotor or cutting chamber from a Granulator, single or multi shaft Shredders, our engineers are able to build up worn parts with Hard Face Weld. This reduces further wear going forward as the Hard Face Weld may be as hard as 65 hrc. Work can either be done on customers own site or components stripped and brought back to our facility in Bolton.

Hard Face welding is especially beneficial in the recycling industry. Machinery is very expensive so it is ideal to repair parts that are subjected to high wear factors rather than replace them. Hard Face Welding sections of the machinery also reduce the wear factor going forward.

Hard face welding can also extend the life of worn parts, reducing the need for costly replacements. By building up worn parts with hard metal or alloy, the repaired component can continue to operate effectively for a longer period of time. This can be particularly beneficial for equipment that is critical to production schedules, where any downtime can impact productivity and profitability.


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Here at GM Diagnostics we are proud to offer onsite hard face welding and welding repairs. We offer both Mig welding for the larger projects as well as Arc Stick welding for the less involved projects.

It remains important to choose an experienced service provider who can deliver high-quality repairs that tailor to your specific needs. The welding technicians should have a thorough understanding of the equipment and the application. In addition to the technical expertise and equipment needed to carry out the repairs to a high standard

If you wish to discuss and Hard Face welding requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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