On Site Hard Face Welding

Here at GM Diagnostics we are proud to offer onsite hard face welding and welding repairs. We offer both Mig welding for the larger projects as well as Arc Stick welding for the less involved projects.

On Site Hard Face Welding with GM Diag

Whether it’s a rotor or cutting chamber from a Granulator, single or multi shaft Shredders, our engineers are able to build up worn parts with Hard Face Weld. This reduces further wear going forward as the Hard Face Weld may be as hard as 65 hrc. Work can ether be done on customers own site or components stripped and brought back to our facility in Bolton where our team can undertake the work in a controlled environment. Hard Face welding is especially beneficial in the recycling industry. Machinery is very expensive so it is ideal to repair parts that are subjected to high wear factors rather than replace them. Hard Face Welding sections of the machinery also reduce the wear factor going forward.

If you wish to discuss and Hard Face welding requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch.