Welcome to General Maintenance & Diagnostics Ltd

Based in the North West of England GENERAL MAINTENANCE & DIAGNOSTICS LTD was formed in September 2003 by Mr Gary Meekin.

By 2003, Gary had spent over 20 years in the injection moulding business as a Process Technician and had spent the last 10 years as Works Engineer & Technical Support for a local Injection Moulding & Extrusion Company.

With a long history in Hydraulic & Electrical Engineering Gary decided to form General Maintenance & Diagnostics Ltd.

We offer Engineering & Technical Support Services over a wide range of industries.

This service is offered either on an hourly or daily basis or as a yearly service contract

Products & Services:

We offer our customers the opportunity to allow us to take care of total site maintenance.

We can offer:

  • Industrial Machinery Repairs & ServicingSHREDDER DOOR
  • Machine InstallationsEDDIE CUTTING TOOTH OUT
  • Pipe Fitting for Compressed Air & Cooling WaterTIE BAR STRAiN Gauge
  • Granulator/Shredder Service & Repair
  • Extensive Workshop facility incl. Blade Sharpening
  • On Site Hard Face Welding
  • Tie Bar Installation & Strain Gauge
  • Thermal Image Survey

For more information click on the links or email your enquiry to: info@gmdiag.co.uk

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At General Maintenance & Diagnostics Ltd we pride ourselves on our versatility as we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services and support whether it is machine or site related.

Even though we specialise in plastic injection moulding and extrusion we offer our services to an ever increasing array of industries and we are always on the look out for an opportunity to widen our portfolio in order to overcome any challenges put to us by either current or potential customers.

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