Extensive Workshop Facility Including Blade Sharpening

Although we don’t manufacture blades, we offer a comprehensive in-house blade sharpening facility at GM Diagnostics which allows us to sharpen and regrind customer’s granulator blades ready for reuse. What’s more, our re-sharpening and re-conditioning service has a fast and effective turnaround, ensuring you can get on with your commitments with as little disruption as possible. 

Blade Sharpening

With a total of 3 industrial blade grinders ranging from 2 meter to 3.1m beds we can offer a quick turn round when needed. Blades that are blunt don’t cut the material they just batter it to death. This creates an irregular and often too dusty granulate that when fed back into any production facility causes feed issues. In blow moulding, the granulate then has an irregular bulk density thus creating large variations in wall sections due to uneven feed of material. In injection moulding, the use of a poor regrind material causes the material to slip on the screw as well as bridging in hoppers and throats. Not to mention the extra work and load put on the granulator itself.

Granulator Blade Sharpening Machine

If you have any blade sharpening requirements please let us help.